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We’re stronger together.

All services rendered are customized to meet your Needs and Expectations.  Most Services are LOW to NO COST. 

Call us today, for more details.

Paramedical Insurance Exams

It's as simple as a Text, to request your Insurance exam for yourself or your Life Insurance Applicant..

We Qualify to provide Paramed Exams for ALL insurance Companies Nationwide at no cost the Agent or Agency. We allow you to build trust with your assigned examiner, direct contact and open communication. We offer 24-48 hour scheduling turn around as well. Maybe even the same day if you're lucky. 

Your Applicant is contacted, provided with all details prior to exam. We make reminder calls as well as confirmations by text. All Applicants are provided instructions and an explanation of what to expect.  All documents and labs are processes and submitted same Day for expedited resulting . 

Who Qualifies for Paramedical Insurance Exams?

Any Licensed Life Insurance Agent can order a Paramed Exam for an established, or prospecting applicant. If your policy requires a Medical Exam or Paramedical Exam, we are here to serve. Applicants can contact us directly to schedule their exams, once their policy is in motion. We coordinate all communications between parties conveniently and cohesively. 


Wellness and Biometrics

We offer custom pricing for Small or Large Corporate Wellness Events as well as the  Single Biometric Screenings for just yourself or your household

A Wellness Event can be Public, Private, Community or Corporate. Most companies and/or Organizations that have group insurance coverage are on the road to healthier lifestyles and saving money in the process. So, we are here to help.  Each Insurance Company has different requirements for incentive, allow us to help you meet your goals.

Biometric Screenings can be indoors at your office, in your living area, comfortable in your home,  or outdoors in a vending booth at a community event, for both individuals with insurance and those who pay out of pocket. We have devised an EXTREMELY low cost Screening process to serve ALL of those who are practicing preventative health measures and desire regular or routine screenings. 

Who Qualifies for Wellness and Biometric Screenings?

If you have any interest in preventative Health screening or if you are just plain curious about your hereditary and familiar history and want to know your numbers. We have Clients that do not have insurance, no primary care physician and are in appeared good health, that establish routine Biometrics for themselves or their household.  Our Corporate and Private clients range from Small businesses of Sole Proprietors, start up teams of 3-5  staff members to National franchising brands that employ thousands throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  


Mobile Exams and Labs

We Offer Mobile Labs and Exams little to NO COST. We come to you. Let us take the edge off.

Mobile examination services are tailored to the need of the patient. Instead of going to your physician's office for your  exams, allow us to come to you. No driving, No traffic, No hassle. Get that EKG done in the privacy of your own home. Do you need to check your A1C regularly? Maybe we can ease your day by coming  to do your PFT or your cholesterol analysis. Where you recently discharged from the Hospital or ER? We can help. Let us save you a trip. 

Most labs and some exams take no time at all and can be done in the privacy of the patient's home or office.  Why not free up some space at your practice, shorten wait time for your in office patients and take some of the load off your staff? So much more can be accomplished in a day by offering Mobile Exams and Labs to your Patients. Not to mention, you get the cool points for being their favorite Physician. Allow us to help you separate from the rest, you are already the best. 

Who Qualifies for Mobile Exams and Labs?

If you have a requisition or lab slip from your physician, give us a call.  Register your office and offer Mobile Exams and Labs to your patients, both insured and out of pocket AT LOW TO NO COST

                                                           PATIENT CLICK HERE                                                             PHYSICIANS CLICK HERE

Coaching , Counseling and Motivation

We offer Mental Health and Wellness options as well. Speak with a qualified Professional for Life Coaching, Couples and or Family Counseling or Public Motivational Speaking Events.

Mental Health is Wealth.  And you are  determined to make the best out of life, and we are here to help.  They say "Turn Lemons into Lemonade". I say "Turn Lemons into a Lemonade Stand" . If you are a Human Being surviving this thing called Planet Earth we can all use a support system and cheerleaders that are loyal, that show up and are actually qualified to advise. 

As your Life Coach, we'll help you discover what's really most important in your life. Then we'll help you design a plan to achieve those things. We'll work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way. We'll partner with you all the way to success.

Then we'll celebrate with you! 

We offer Self Pay Coaching and counseling at a VERY VERY VERY low cost.  We customize Pre Pay plans, as well as Subscribed long term relationships. If you are a Professional and would like to add our services to the list of amazing things that you do and offer to your clients, we are here for you as well. We cater to the Newlyweds and the strained relationships, the busy Entrepreneur and the common denominators. If you are experiencing any minor or major transition in life, we can definitely help bring things full circle. Lets not forget the minors. We have coaching and motivational programs designed for the teenagers and preteens that have experienced trauma, distracted behavior and/or any life change that may be slowing down their positive growth and social  development.  

Who Qualifies for Coaching Counseling and Motivation?

Let's not act like we don't all need a bit of direction every once in awhile. The first step is acknowledging that EVERYONE can benefit from a little more support in our lives. 


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